Meet the Team

Teignmouth Airshow is run completely by volunteers

Teignmouth Airshow is made possible thanks to the dedication and tireless efforts of its volunteer committee who work year-round to make the event a soaring success. The team formed in 2018 and are unique in the fact that they run the only (known) Airshow to be operated exclusively by a team of volunteers – Something they are immensely proud of!

Your Airshow commitee

Despite having zero experience of organising an Airshow, this didn’t stop our dedicated (and slightly bonkers) committee from giving it a go, aside from the obvious lack of aviation experience they more than make up for it in other ways. The team have a varied skill set, with specialties lying in event management, marketing, people management, construction, logistics, and above all a fantastic knowledge of our local area and the people living here! They are also supported by local businesses who have stepped in to offer their services over the years when something more specialised is required.

Over 70 Volunteers!

Over the years our volunteer committee have been extremely creative in ways to save money and fundraise, building bars from scratch, printing and making their own roadside signs as well as the printing of all event uniform for the volunteers, they aren’t afraid to get stuck in and roll their sleeves up when needed.

The small committee are further supported by a team of over 70 volunteers who give their time throughout the weekend long event, from bucket collecting to proving safety boat cover, it’s a true example of the community pulling together.

If you want to get involved with this fantastic team of volunteers you can find out more here.